Peering into the future                                                                                               smartcomm

Opening Speaker – Sharad Sharma


Action – Making instructional movies

Vikrant Rai, Girish Mehta – Adobe Systems


Applying use case principles to enterprise product documentation

Pradeep Venkateshlu – HP


Augmented reality in technical documentation

Namrata Havaldar, Venkatesh Prasad – Alcatel-Lucent


Beginning your career as an independent writer

Rajshree Satish – TechWritingLabs


Creating adaptive content for multi-screen devices – challenges and solutions

Vikram Verma – Adobe Systems


Defining and controlling the scope for technical documentation

Latha S – Alcatel-Lucent


Documenting cloud operations policies, practices, and standard operating procedures

Gururaj B S – Oracle


Documenting for open source

Aakanksha Singh, Nilam Shendye – Red Hat


From hallucination to a vision

Ganesh Subramanian, Lakshmi Jois – Unisys


Fulbright-Nehru opportunities in the US for technical communicators

Sachin Nikarge – USIEF


Going the DITA way

Abigail Samuel, Alka Acharya – IBM


Journey to DITA

Mayur Agrawal, Seema Gaurav – TIBCO



Makarand Pandit – Technowrites


Minimalism with Miffy

Mugdha Kulkarni – TIBCO


Plan to converse and collaborate

Peter Yorke – Yorke Communications


The 7 habits of highly effective technical communicators

Edwin Skau – Solutions by Design


Technical consistency – solving an age-old documentation challenge

Tamara Ferris, Prasad Tadas – Juniper Networks


The art and science of infographics

Faraaz Mohiuddin, Vimal Chhutani – ADP


The fine art of managing documentation reviews

Kumar Dhanagopal – Oracle


Web analytics for technical communicators

Samartha Vashishtha, Vikrant Rai – Adobe Systems


What the manager really wants from you

Panel discussion anchored by Paresh Naik – BMC Software

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